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"the Mad Ones is a loving satire of millenial angst."


"A Touching and Funny story about a friendship that forms between young professionals searching for meaning in work and life."

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"I see it now. I see the z-axis. Don't you?"

"Chai means tea."

"We're going on a road trip!"

"It feels like a fall summer day."

"Rock n' roll!"

"All we can do is tell better and better lies until the One Infinite Truth reveals itself to us."

"It's things like this that turn innocent people into objectivists."

"Distractions are the number one reason I lose focus."

"...and then it all made sense. To want all of life including its opposites."

"Do you have a thing?

"I want to build something. Do you ever get that nagging feeling?"

"It spoke about feelings I didn't even know I had."